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*fall in love while you can still hold your head up high*

*and pretend that your alive again*

9/6/08 04:22 pm - paralysiskitty

i've made a few icons for all you cool kids out there

but its alright in a scissor hell, and its alright to fall deep in loveCollapse )

7/17/07 11:29 am - tmgjournal

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up about the new interview at listenin.org with Michael Shepard, talking about tattoos, swimming lessons, screenplays and (of course) music.

<3, TMG Faye
themilitiagrp|The Militia Group

7/12/07 02:35 pm - tmgjournal

Hey guys, check out the awesome new video for "Pushing The Shine" from Lovedrug! Spread the word to all your friends!

themilitiagrp|The Militia Group

6/21/07 11:01 pm - tmgjournal

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that The Militia Group has an official community at themilitiagrp! Check it out for news on all our current artists and even some updates on our alums. We want this to be great and we can't do that without you. Come say hi.

<3, TMG Faye

6/18/07 01:13 pm - astaria51 - PLEASE HELP LOVEDRUG

Lovedrug's van and trailer were stolen this weekend from the hotel where they were staying in Detroit. The van was found this morning burnt to a crisp.

The band lost everything they owned: instruments, computers, clothes, ipods, and anything else you could imagine. This is a really hard time for them right now but they are still continuing to play the shows on this tour and have a positive attitude.

Please help them out any way you can. Donations to the band can be sent through PayPal via info@lovedrugmusic.com

Please post this information on your profiles and alert your friends.

Thank you for your support.
-Lovedrug HQ

3/5/07 12:36 am - pianobreakdown

I posted a review of Everything Starts Where It Ends over on my music blog. I'd love it if you'd be willing to take a look and leave some comments on it!

2/20/06 06:46 pm - rruffles - Czech

Hey everyone,
I'm going to Chicago and the Czech Republic this summer for mission trips. In all it's 2600 dollars. Would anyone like to sponsor me?

And even more important, pray for me?


6/27/05 12:07 pm - bend_to_break - Lovedrug @ Trocadero, Philadelphia PA 4.1.05

+2Collapse )
Shatteredframe has been relaunched with a brand new site. To view more photos of Lovedrug and other bands, visit the site at shatteredframe.net
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4/8/05 12:23 pm - babybunnyfoo - helloooo

is this journal dead or what?! well then where can you find stuff from lovedrug besides lovedrugmusic.com? cause they dont got ntohing there

3/28/05 07:31 pm - babybunnyfoo - newy

hey! i'm melanie, im new here... i bought lovedrugs cd 4 days ago and i listen to it none stop... it's so good! i could never get bored of it! so sence im a little new to the band to i dont know that much so don't get mad if i get something wrong... ha. it doesn't seem like alot of people know them though. but that's cool. so who's all of you???
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